“...the genetics (fingerlings production) is the most relevant link of the aquaculture chain. Without good quality fingerlings, all the chain gets compromised: the conversion rates fall, there is no standardization, the meat quality is inferior and the production costs rise.”

BNDES: The Brazilian aquaculture panorama: Challenges and opportunities.

Why is tracking so important for the fingerlings quality?

Specimens Identification

Using chips the animals are identified while fingerlings. It allows us to create a unique identifier, which follows them during their entire lives.

Follow up

We monitor the animal during its whole life with indicators, monitoring since its family until the locations where it has been and the amount of ration it received.


With the follow up data, we can measure the performance of each animal and then generate the animal’s genetic value, which will guide the production management of future generations.


The rigorous management technics adopted by AquaAmérica protect our products from pathologies and other non-conformities generated by inbreeding. The genetic variability is only possible when we cross animals of different families.


Analyzed and selected during their entire lives, the animals are ranked and only the best become new reproducers (broodstock). These selections based on growth data, guarantee more productivity of the animals.


With better results in any management conditions, the AquaAmérica broodstock makes it possible the raising of more productive and selected animals for commercial cuts, which improves the performance in all levels of the productive chain.