AquaAmérica Products

AquaAmérica commercializes broodstock of Nile Tilapia.

The use of improvement methods scientifically proven associated to adequate management technics and cutting edge laboratorial structure, AquaAmérica offers to the market, Nile Tilapia reproducers with superior genetic quality. For that, we like to say that AquaAmérica is the applied Science working in favor of the Brazilian aquaculture.

Products’ Characteristics

  • High growth velocity;
  • Evaluated in the Brazilian cultivation conditions, in gridded excavated tanks;
  • Reduction of the cultivation time;
  • Animals with a differentiated conformation with a higher efficiency in the commercial cuts.


AquaAmérica maintains its own genetic improvement program active since 2013, a rigorous process of selections resulting in animals (grandparents) which will produce broodstock at each cycle, and at the same time (annually), animals are selected to produce the next generation in nucleus selection. The mating for broodstock production, consider inbreeding control methods, avoiding the mating of kindred animals until the third generation.

All the animals of the nucleus selection are identified individually with microchips allowing the individual evaluation and posterior selection. The main adopted selection criteria in the company is the gain of weight.

All the AquaAmérica broodstock used in reproduction in the company possesses identification microchip. This practice allows the tracking and identification of each animal, monitoring its productivity in the stock.

How we work

The sales model adopted by AquaAmérica ensures that our customers receive allotment of reproducers (male and female) with varying weight of 5 to 50 grams, hormone free. Our contracts ensure the reposition of 100% of acquired reproducers within 3 years providing our customers with the best in genetics of the Nile Tilapia.